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What to expect at a typical appointment

  • The Veterinary Chiropractitioner will perform an examination on the patient consisting of palpation, functional assessment, and gait analysis to locate any dysfunction or pathalogical reflexes which may be indicative of subluxations. 
  • Your pet will usually be sent home or, in some instances, may be observed overnight by a veterinarian depending upon the nature of the case.
  • An appointment to return for readjustment will be made upon release. Post-adjustment instructions will be given as to activity restrictions and information about potential discomfort that evening.
  • In some cases, medication may be dispensed by a veterinarian depending on the clinician and the nature of the case.
  • A series of 3-5 readjustments may be needed to reach a point where no reads, or pathological reflexes, are found. In such a case, the subluxation pattern has been successfully treated.
  • Maintenance checks may be recommended every 4-6 months to watch for reoccurrence of symptoms or subluxations.

Visit the VOM technology website for more information.

**In Florida, veterinary affiliation (a written or verbal veterinary prescription) is required in order for a chiropractor to apply the VOM technology to an animal.


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